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7 Apr 2020 - 4 minutes

10 things to do whilst in isolation


Isolation is well and truly underway, and we're not entirely sure how long it has been or what day it is at this point. It is of course absolutely essential we all stay home where possible and do our bit to help the amazing NHS – but it does get to a point when it gets hard to keep boredom at bay.

To help with that, we have compiled some of our favourite things you can watch, read, listen or follow to get you through. You can thank us later.

Tidy the house

Yes, yes, we know this is hardly one of the most fun tasks, but having a clean place to work and live can really help create a positive headspace. So get your favourite playlist on, change into your comfies (if you haven't already) and get Marie Kondo'ing your cupboards. After you have finished, we thoroughly recommend doing the fifth activity on our list...

Sort through your wardrobe

Let's be honest wardrobes can be a hectic affair, a place where you keep adding and adding to without actually looking what you already have in there (ASOS addicts we are talking to you). While you are stuck indoors, grab some plastic bags and get organising. Anything you haven't worn in the last year be sure to put it into the charity shop pile. If you are feeling extra fancy, why not organise it by colour?

Listen to a podcast

There has never been a better time for podcasts, whether it's to learn something new, have a laugh or to just have 30 minutes of escapism. You can even enjoy listening to them while you are cooking, cleaning or any mindless task that needs brightening up. There are thousands to choose from but do not fear as we have put together some of the best in a previous article.

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Sign up to a virtual wine tasting

Yes, that's right, a virtual wine tasting. While Saturday night enjoying a glass at Piccolino is now off the menu, a company called Pull The Cork is bringing wine tasting to your front room via Instagram. You can order their wine tasting kit off their website, and follow along on their Instagram live as they go through each wine. Each week they are joined by a special celebrity guest, it's a full hour session drinking and talking about wine – what more could you want? Well worth the hangover.

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Do a home workout

Just because the gyms are closed, it doesn't mean your workouts have to stop. There are so many amazing classes now being streamed online for free. So you can not only join not only your regular classes, but you can try something completely new. Check out our home- workout guide and find your favourite.

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Spring clean your phone

It's time to take back control of your phone. If you now have a bit more free time in the evenings, why not give it a Spring clean? Do you really need the 200 pictures of your cat? Or that app which keeps sending you passive-aggressive notifications? A wise prophet once said that a tidy phone is the key to a tidy mind.

Start gardening

You've organised the cupboards, you've made cookies… now what? Well, we suggest heading out to the garden if you have one, or ordering some plants in for potting if you don’t. Many studies have spoken about the positive effects of gardening on mental health, and you also get to enjoy something beautiful at the end. Order some seedlings and equipment from Dobies and Seeds of Italy.

Cook up a storm

Everyone is talking about learning new skills in lockdown, and what could be a better than learning how to cook delicious meals from scratch. You can finally stay in on a Saturday trying your hand at sous vide salt cod poached in olive oil with langoustine cigars and hermitage jus. Take a look at our selection of the best chefs and experts doing free online classes here.

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Watch some great theatre

Fancy a trip to the theatre this weekend minus the annoying person their sweets packet next to you? Well, luckily for you the National Theatre is streaming some of its most popular productions online for free every Thursday at 7pm on Youtube! James Corden's One Man Two Guvnors was the first, with Jane Eyre and Twelfth night due to follow in the coming weeks. Andrew Lloyd Webber has also announced that live versions of his musicals will be going online as well! Find the National Theatre Performances hereand Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musicals here.

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