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30 Nov 2020 - 5 minutes

7 simple decoration hacks to get your home feeling festive this Christmas!

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Is your Christmas tree still in its box, or was it up in early November? Do you like your house to look like the Blackpool Illuminations, or is it as dull as the Grinch’s cave? Whether you’re an early, late or even none-decorator, we’ve put together some simple decoration hacks to get your home feeling festive this Christmas. Even the grumpiest Scrooges can’t go wrong with these!

Citrus chains

What you’ll need:

Small glass vase or bottle

Pine branches

Paper clips

Dried orange slices

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, arrange a bunch of pine branches in a small vase or bottle. Use paper clips to hang dried orange slices from the branches, creating a simple yet stylish winter décor winner.


Plastic spoon mini trees

What you’ll need:

Plastic spoons (minimum 50)

Paper mâché cone

Spray paint

Hot glue gun

On the surface, a tree made of plastic spoons doesn’t sound very appealing at all. But when done right and with a few extra bits of material, these trees can make a great centrepiece.

How many spoons you need depends on the size of the tree you’d like to make. We recommend starting small. First, you’ll need to cut off the handles of the plastic spoons. Place the heads of the spoon on some paper and spray with spray paint (something metallic works well, like gold, silver or copper.)

Once the spoon heads have dried, begin hot gluing them onto the paper mâché cone from the bottom up. Work your way to the top of the cone, alternating the spoons between the gaps. When the cone is completely covered, you’ll have yourself a glorious mini tree.


Ornamental wreath

What you’ll need:

Wreath frame

Hot glue gun

Tinsel garland


A DIY wreath is one of the easiest things you can do to jazz up your door. All you’ll need is a wreath frame, tinsel, hot glue gun and baubles. You can use whatever colours you like, but we recommend gold tinsel and multicoloured (and multi-sized) baubles.

Start by wrapping the wreath frame in tinsel. Once the frame is fully covered, glue on the baubles, starting with the largest and then filling the gaps with smaller ones. Tie a piece of string to the frame if you want to hang it up.


Chalk pen pine buckets

What you’ll need:

Galvanised buckets/large plat pots

White chalk pen

Fresh pine


Battery-powered fair lights

These buckets look great either outside on a balcony or inside on a window ledge. They can be made with either galvanised buckets or large plant pots. Using a chalk pen, draw on large letters to spell out a festive word (like ‘joy’ or ‘noel.’) Tie a ribbon around the rim of the bucket and stuff them with fresh pine. To jazz them up even more, intertwine the pine with battery powered fairy lights.


Birch centrepiece

What you’ll need:

Birch pieces

A saw

Tealight candles

(Extra bits)

Silver glitter


Mini trees

Stag figurines

There’s nothing better than bringing a little bit of the outside into your home to create some festive decorations. This birch centrepiece is a perfect example. You can glam up this centrepiece as much as you like, but even in its simplest form, it adds a wow factor to any table.

All you need are a couple of thick birch branches that might be lying around outside. Saw the branches into chunks of varying size in order to create different levels for the centrepiece. If you’re keeping things simple, just arrange the birch pieces on a tablecloth in the centre of the table and place tealight candles on top of the stumps.

If you’d like to spruce things up a bit, add some silver glitter to the tops of the branch pieces and purchase some mini Christmas trees and stag figurines. Arranging them between the birch along with the candles creates a beautiful winter landscape.


Lantern display

What you’ll need:

A lantern

An assortment of baubles

Spruce of pine/piece of mistletoe

A nice ribbon

Lanterns look stunning housing a candle or some lights, but they can also be used to create a beautiful festive display. Simply fill them with an assortment of baubles until they’re about half full. For an extra festive twist, try tying some pine or mistletoe to the top of the lantern using a nice ribbon.


Coffee-filter garland

What you’ll need:

Coffee filters




A garland made of coffee filters might not sound too glamorous, but hear us out on this one. Start by stacking 12 ruffled coffee filters on top of each other. Randomly mix white and natural-coloured filters and staple them together in the centre. 20 of these stacks will create a 10-foot garland.

Next, poke a hole near the centre of the stacks using a pin or small nail. Cut your twine to be at least a foot longer than you want the finished garland to be and then knot one end. Begin to thread on your stacks, securing them in place by knotting the twine on the other side. Continue stacking and knotting until all filter stacks are strung.

To finish, simply scrunch the filters with your fingers to transform each stack into a beautiful pom-pom.


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