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5 Mar 2020 - 3 minutes

AXIS, the building that couldn’t be built

Axis hero

Manchester’s skyline is changing all the time as new towers spring up across the city. Each tower is unique and brings its own unique qualities and special charm – but none of them are quite like AXIS.

This is the story of the building that people said couldn’t be built.

Uncertain beginnings

A thin strip of land next to Deansgate Locks just 761 sqm in size, the site which would become AXIS presented unique architectural, design, engineering and development challenges from day one. If you’re wondering how a 28-storey tower can be built on such a tiny piece of land, you aren’t alone.

In theory, this was the ideal city centre location, minutes from Piccadilly, Castlefield, St Peter’s Square and Spinningfields. However, the small footprint and changing market meant that nobody quite knew what to do with it – until Alliance came along.

Manchester’s best office development?

With 30 years of experience across every sector, Alliance had plenty of options and initially considered developing what would have been Manchester’s most impressive office building.

Plans were drawn up and a development team put in place, but changes in the market made an office scheme on that scale unviable. Following on from the Alliance philosophy of putting the right building in the right place, the AXIS scheme was overhauled in its entirety and the decision was made to instead design a luxury residential tower.

A new statement building for Manchester

Comprising 170 luxury apartments over 28 storeys, AXIS is a new statement building for Manchester. Boasting endless style inside and out, this is an unmistakeable and unique landmark on the skyline and the natural choice for people who demand more.

Externally, the tower is clad with 2,200 angular glazed panels which shimmer and draw the eye, appearing to change colour in the sunlight and adding a real sense of drama to the tower. Internally, floor-to-ceiling windows in each apartment offer residents unparalleled views over Manchester and beyond to the hills of Cheshire and the Peak District. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in Manchester’s most exclusive penthouse at the building’s summit.

Each of the stunning one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments at AXIS make inventive use of the space and enjoy bespoke features to make them as individual as you are. They are fitted to the highest specification, and every detail has been thoughtfully considered to imbue each apartment with its own singular personality.

In addition to being Manchester’s most in-demand home, AXIS is the most complex residential development in Manchester, enabled by an impressive design from Jon Matthews Architects and a truly impressive feat of engineering by Russells Construction. AXIS cantilevers outwards as it rises to escape its bounds and become truly extraordinary. The result is a building that overshadows its peers through sheer ingenuity and character.

The more things change…

Despite a complete overhaul halfway through, the initial design vision for AXIS remained unchanged from the initial architect’s doodle. What you see now is that dream – of an iconic golden tower cantilevered over the canal – built into reality by a committed group of experts.

From the initial concept through to completion and beyond, AXIS is the vision of a dedicated team determined to create something special. After years of planning and preparation, we are proud to welcome residents into our flagship development.

And those who said it couldn’t be built? They were wrong.

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