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6 May 2020 - 2 minutes

Birmingham museums you can visit from home

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As lockdown continues, many of us are starting to look further afield from our phones and Netflix accounts for entertainment. Birmingham is a city that contains multitudes, and some of its finest cultural attractions can be visited virtually from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve picked out our favourite museum and art exhibition you can visit online here…

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Located in the city centre, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has been a local landmark since 1885 and is home to more than 40 exhibitions of art, social history, archaeology and more.

While it is closed for the foreseeable future, the Museum has made some of its most popular exhibitions available for you to view online. Your tour will start in the Round Room – the oldest part of the museum – where you will be greeted by Sir Jacob Epstein’s Lucifer statue and a whole range of other artwork.

Following this, you will be guided through the 1919 extension which contains 700 years’ worth of art from the 14th – 20th centuries. This

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The Staffordshire Hoard and the History Gallery

Next up is the Staffordshire Hoard – the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver ever found.

Hidden underground for 1400 years, this incredible collection of items offers a window into life in England in 700AD. You won’t be disappointed by the intricate and beautiful metalwork which continues to amaze to this day.

Finally, the History Gallery provides a walk through the history of Birmingham and its people, as well as displays from further afield including Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

If you’re looking to escape from the day-to-day, you can travel to different worlds and times with Birmingham Museums by clicking here >>

If that’s not enough, they also keep a video archive of old displays and exhibitions on their YouTube channel which you can see by clicking here >>

Janine Eason, Director of Engagement at Birmingham Museums Trust, said: “Our doors may be closed for now, but we are still there for our visitors. Art and culture can help us make sense of the world and often gives us an escape. We are lucky to have some excellent online resources so that people and families can explore the collection and continue to engage with us.

“We hope we can bring some joy and distraction to everyone who needs it during this concerning time.”

There’s no better time to explore Birmingham’s culture than now, and the online resources offered by Birmingham Museums are a great place to start.

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