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26 Mar 2020 - 3 minutes

The best Birmingham podcasts

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Podcasts are a great way to pass the time. They’re education and entertainment rolled into one, helping you have fun at the same time as widening your perspective on life and the world. Your brain likes listening almost as much as it likes reading, making podcasts the perfect option for when you’re trying to multitask at home.

Here are four of our favourite podcasts which are either from or about Birmingham…

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is a fortnightly podcast perfect for any Birmingham food fanatics. The show itself is split into two separate parts. The first is a series of relaxed interviews with chefs, restaurant owners, Birmingham food experts and local food producers which give a real insight into the people who make the city’s food scene so impressive. As you would expect from a place which hosts the most Michelin star restaurants in the UK outside of London, the local culture is vibrant and fascinating.

The second is the Breaking Bread Podcast Big Review Show which features the hosts, Liam and Carl, eating their way around the city and sharing the results of their adventures. Everything from the atmosphere of a restaurant to the quality of its food is considered and helps to form the pair’s recommendations. These reviews are accompanied by photos and a traditional blog post on the website to help give the full experience.

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Predictor Podcast

The Ideas Lab is a project from the University of Birmingham which helps radio, TV and other media producers find the latest relevant academic research and package it up for public consumption. By doing so, the Lab aims to get key information out into the world and enrich public life.

They also run the Predictor Podcast which features academic experts discussing the most interesting and consequential current and future research going on in their field. These podcasts offer a simple and quick route into insider knowledge and key trends from around the world.

If you’re looking to learn more from Birmingham’s foremost experts on everything from energy to archaeology to the arts, then look no further.

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BrumPod is a podcast designed for businesses in Birmingham which discusses issues like marketing, networking, generating business awareness and how to grow your small business in the city. What’s more, the podcast also goes into detail on how to use various essential business tools and technologies.This podcast is put together by Brummies Networking which was formed to provide quality, free business networking events in Birmingham. With a membership made up of everything from one-man-bands up to successful medium-sized businesses, the work done by Brummies Networking – including BrumPod – is perfect for business-minded people in Birmingham.

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History West Midlands

Knowing your history is important. It is often seen as an optional extra, but that could not be further from the truth. The ubiquity of internet technology and mass produced culture means that it is entirely possible to live your life without really knowing anything about the place you live – but it’s easy to fix that.

When it comes to our communities, history is far more than just dates and facts. The history of where we live is the story of its people. All our funny little local traditions, quirks, complexities, accents and everything else all came from somewhere, and the History West Midlands podcast is a great place for anyone in Birmingham to find out more.

Subjects include Birmingham’s gun trade, the women who worked in the factories and the trials of the ‘chainmakers’, the ‘lost philosopher’ George Dawson, the story of the city’s Shakespeare library, how Beatrice Cadbury gave away her family’s fortune to become a peace activist – and much more.

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