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6 May 2020 - 1 minute

Bring the winebar to you - Arch 13

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Even though many of Birmingham's restaurants and bars have closed temporarily, some of our favourites are finding ways to ensure we can still enjoy them!

The fantastic wine bar Arch 13 located just off Livery Street, is a much-loved family owned and run business with a heritage that extends back into the 19th century. As you can imagine, they know a thing or two about wine, and they are now running a fantastic home delivery service through lockdown.

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If you’re not aware of Arch 13, know it’s not just wines that they do but delicious sections of meats, cheeses and charcuterie are served up alongside, and all of this is also on their delivery menu.

They have created multiple packages to choose from, one of the best being their Quarantine Party Package (two bottles of wine with 10 kinds of cheese or meats) for those Friday nights at home on Zoom party.

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Not only are they doing delivery, but they are also offering a drink along wine tasting. Order the Virtual Package, and you will receive six bottles of wine and a selection of cheeses delivered to your door. Watch the tasting live on their Instagram or catch up on their YouTube channel.

After all, you did say you wanted to learn a new skill in lockdown!

Head to their website now to look what's on offer for delivery this week. Feel free to let the team know if you have a personal favourite as all packages can be adapted!

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