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21 Jan 2021 - 4 minutes

Ditch The Quiz: 4 Alternative Online Games

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Aren’t we a bit quizzed out? Our brains mushy, crying for paracetamol? Sometimes it’s just easier to screenshot Reddit memes than pull your inner Rachael Riley together. Friendship has its limits right now. But, so do quizzes. Like us, you may have had all you can take.

Happily, there are many more games to try with pals or random players. Not console or PC blockbusters either – simpler, free stuff, there for anyone to try, whether you or not you own a hard drive the size of a garage.

Check out our top four right here.

1. Skribbl

Pictionary redefined. That’s the Scribbl pitch – an addictive game where you select one of three words or phrases, and try to sketch it as best you can with a mouse.

From simple choices like ‘coffee cup’ to more abstract fare (just try drawing ‘self-empowerment’ without yelling once), Scribbl lets you pick from pre-generated content, or lets you set your own. In-jokes may therefore abound for the close-knit mates who haven’t shared a pint in a while. The faster someone types the right answer, the more points they get.

Change the colour, thickness and texture of your brushstrokes. Fill in shapes to save time. Everybody takes turns until the rounds reset. Combined with sounds fit for a slot machine, it’s a recipe for late nights.

2. Werewolf

You may’ve heard of this as Mafia, but Werewolf is the grislier version. Created by Soviet high school teacher Dimitri Davidoff in the 1980s, it’s a simple idea with huge psychological implications.

A group of at least six is randomly assigned status as a werewolf or villager. There are only one, two or three wolves depending on the size of the game. Rounds are called Day and Night. Each day, the villagers try to suss out who the werewolf is. That player is killed. And at night (if the wolf is alive), they get to murder a villager. It’s a giant game of Guess Who with a body count.

The wolves, of course, will try to convince you they’re a villager. Can you find them all in time? Enjoy intense, quickfire games where Night and Day last a few minutes, or spend up to 12 hours making your next move. On the other hand, you might want to rustle 10 friends together on camera for a DIY version, full moon (paper plate) hanging in the background.

3. Psych

Okay so you have to download an app first. It’s 100% free, though. Anyone familiar with Heads Up – charades for addicts – is in safe hands, because this is made by the same developers. The difference is, Psych wants you to outwit everyone else, not work with them.

Choose a category like Word Up, Movie Bluff or Is That A Fact? to begin. Game Masters start games and invite people. Then you all send fake answers on demand, smuggling in lies with the truth. It could be a fake film plot, a random fact or funny stuff about your pals; players vote with their phones on what they think is real or, conversely, the most amusing.

Does best friend Kyle have a birth mark in the shape of a bar code? Is the real name for a bunch of flamingos ‘a flamboyance’? Get devious, and whilst you don’t have to bring in the game’s sponsor, Ellen DeGeneres, she’s there for cartoon support.

4. Scattegories

We remember this from school! But Scattegories has evolved. The easy web generator builds categories for you. And you can turn it into a drinking game or use music to count down the final seconds.

For the uninitiated, Scattegories revolves around a single letter per round. Everyone gets the same 12-point list of things that start with that letter – for example, D for a sports team, musical instrument, item of clothing etc. There’s a timer. You get a point at the end for every answer that’s both correct and unique; if two people share an answer, neither of you score.

These games are bound to refresh the hours we’re spending indoors. People who are renting together, too, can pool their contacts, making for bigger and better Zoom parties. We want to see the typical quiz smashed apart! Make 2021 even more inventive and creative.

Oh, and we still have apartments left to rent in the heart of the city, with plenty of space, natural light and panoramic views. Because home isn’t just about hitting the ‘escape’ key on boredom. It’s about truly loving where you are. Enquire today; see what’s available.

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