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14 Jun 2021 - 3 minutes

Greatest Gifts for Dads in Manchester

Forget the arm wrestles, pie sandwiches and classic moisturiser (read: engine oil) that dad may be used to. Surprise him this Father’s Day with something made in Manchester, yet suited for a man of the world.

We’ve gone the distance for excellent, locally-fashioned gifts, so you’re supporting the city around us as well as The Big Bloke in your life. Father’s Day come and gone? No worries – they’re still brilliant ideas as a ‘thank you’, ‘good luck’ or ‘cheers for returning my batteries’ present.

Oi Polloi

After quickly growing beyond a regional success story, Oi Polloi are now in the top tier of the UK’s independent clothing stores. You can see why – a stripped-down focus on colour, corduroy and massive jackets. Their Deck Out page shows exactly how disparate brands can align on your dad’s shoulders. You might spend £50 on a t-shirt or £70 on some shorts, but it’s worth the weight in gold. Pop into the store less than 10 minutes from our luxury apartments in Manhattan; we’re regulars in the Northern Quarter, where indie concepts seem to sprout from nowhere.

Oi Polloi manchester store
Oi Polloi


“We believe that flavour is king (and variety is queen!)” So goes the homepage pitch for Tipples, curator of more than 500 drinks that rotate on the shelves, leaving you as dizzy as a stiff glass should. This is the only place you need for wine, beer, bourbon, mezcal, gin, rum and tequila. On the other hand, you might opt for a Masterclass (£25 pp for the standard session) taking your tongue on tour. At the back of the Central Library, Tibbles isn’t hard to find either – especially for our AXIS residents who live down Deansgate Road in one of Manchester’s most exclusive postcodes.


It is a universal truth that dads love bread. Why? Perhaps for its endless combinations, its heft, the excuse for butter. All we can do is indulge them and find the best bread out there. Case in point: Pollen Bakery, New Islington’s premier place for sour dough, baby babkas and gourmet sandwiches. They even serve jaw-dropping breakfast buns from 10AM till 2PM. Buy your lucky guy a treat ready to eat or slice up. Their Ombra Bar pasta is delicious too.

Tipples manchester


Another clothing standout, Steranko used to be an old confectioner’s store in South Manchester. Now it’s a Didsbury legend selling Fred Perry, Levi’s, Hoff, Barbour and more world-beating brands. You can’t go wrong for a wardrobe change; even their socks, described as “walking on air,” will soften the Father’s Day pressure. Regular men’s sales snip coats, shoes and shirts down to half price or less. Owner Pete is a natural conversationalist, so ask him for help or a hot take on Bruno Fernandes.


Food, drink and aftershave are all temporary pleasures, each slipping into the next. A present from Form, however, stands as a monument to your affection, as well as a nice addition to his shelves. They craft jugs, mugs, bowls and coffee scoops from ash and oakwood. You can also pick up quality stoneware like their two-set spice pots, which are never completely alike. Head into the Form gallery in the Northern Quarter and browse or ask about one-to-one tuition.

Absolutely no father could turn these choices down. Whether he’s local, visiting or waiting by the letterbox, give him a reason to crack his knuckles and cherish the moment. Even better – find a new home he’d be proud of! We have elegant apartments throughout Manchester city centre, where nightlife, retail and creative businesses keep your days inspired. Book a visit or learn more about what’s available.

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