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10 May 2021 - 4 minutes

How Does This Décor Boost Your Wellbeing?

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where the head ends up. We shouldn’t forget the cumulative effect of being in one space for so long. Every inch leaves a mark on your happiness, and settling for décor that doesn’t encourage you to feel good, secure and well-rested is like tossing away a spare key to recuperation.

We know that because we live it – our luxury apartments provide the space and comfort you’ve always wanted. But how might certain décor help your mental health? Let’s talk options, so you’re covering your face in a smile instead of a blanket...

Meditation Nook

The meditation nook

Technically, you just need a floor, bed or dentist’s chair to meditate: whatever speaks to you most peacefully. Yet a proper space for it – with a couple of those round cushions, a rug and a wall for back support – brings the mind into complete alignment with what you’re about to do.

Bedrooms are best. You already associate this room with late nights, carving a line between work/socialising and having a place entirely to yourself. Turn one corner into a shrine for mindfulness, making it cosy and practical for deep breathing.

AXIS Orange Painter

Big colour centrepieces

We don’t mean going overboard and kitting out an apartment like a kid’s TV studio; rather, imbuing your favourite bright colours judiciously. So, in practice, you might have a canary-yellow floor lamp over a light grey carpet, some striking blue pillows on your sofa, or an orange painting hanging by the curtains.

Warm colours like pink and red are proven mood enhancers. Yet it stands to reason that your top two or three colours release their own dopamine in the brain. By focusing on a few large displays, you can indulge them without overwhelming the whole décor.


An intro to nature

You may’ve heard of biophilic design – the use of not only natural materials, but ways to bring nature into the home i.e. sunlight, fresh air and beautiful vistas. In this latter respect, we have you covered. Our apartments greet natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows and, often, balconies or city views that make sundown indispensable.

On top of that, you might want to experiment with natural textures (distressed wood, feathers, leaves and seashells), all of which recentre your connection to the outdoors. Handmade items are sure to set you on the right path, as are hanging plants and wicker chairs.


Minimalist storage

It’s official: clutter kills our satisfaction levels. This isn’t just down to difficulty moving around at home, but overstimulation – when we have too much to look at, our minds hit overdrive, and it’s harder to wind down.

If you don’t want to throw much away, opt for storage that doesn’t intrude on your carefully chosen décor. Fold-out desks are an excellent idea. So is banquet seating – ottomans and benches that conceal shelves or trunk space. You may also want to add tiered shelves to the mix, freestanding without taking your walls up.

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Varying light levels

Ever dreamt you have missed notifications only to wake up at 5AM and discover the texts in your head were better? That’s what an on-the-go work culture has done to us. Needless to say, our circadian rhythms are out of whack – we’re apt to wake all at once, to the sound of a phone alarm, instead of the first rays of the sun.

Fight back against bluescreen fatigue with a gentle series of lamps, fairy-lights and dimmable bulbs. These allow your apartment to darken or get brighter slowly, reflecting the course of the day.

We don’t want to get too prescriptive, but soon enough, your own tastes will be all the sweeter once these mental boosts take hold. Home is just too important to put up with – we want to truly live it. And in any of our inner-city apartments, you can build a real picture of your equilibrium. Interested? Chat to our team for a viewing or more details.

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