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14 May 2020 - 4 minutes

How to make your home a sanctuary

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Whilst being at home, there are a lot of little changes you can make to your space to really transform your home into your own private sanctuary – a place to retreat where you can go to unwind, read, and take sanctuary without adding too much to your house, and being able to find a unique spot that is yours alone.

You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to escape without going anywhere. We have put together some of our top tips on how to make your home into a sanctuary.

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Transform your bathroom into a home spa

Whilst a trip to the spa isn't possible at the moment, why not try and recreate a private at-home spa experience? You don't need to spend loads of money just grab a few things you may already have lying about the house.

Light some candles around your bathtub and let the scents fill the room, put on a relaxing playlist on Spotify from chilled soul to rain sounds tapping on the window. Fill your tub up with your favourite bubble bath, bath salts, oils or better still a bath bomb, grab a book and lock the door.

Take the time to relax like you would at a spa day, you can even add a glass of bubbles if you are feeling extra fancy.

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Create a little reading corner

You can, of course, read anywhere in your home, but we have found creating a dedicated reading nook can make it feel extra special. It can be a cosy chair or you can grab your duvet and some pillows and make a den by a window, wherever you feel most relaxed.

Make it a technology-free zone and use it as a place just to get away and escape into the pages of a good book or magazine. Grab yourself a cup of tea and your favourite snack and snuggle up.

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Grow your own vegetables

While you can't get out and enjoy nature, bring nature to you. You can grow so many wonderful things just on your window sill. You can buy seeds from any local supermarket or online and start to get green-fingered by growing your own veg! If you have a balcony, then take the opportunity to really make the most of the space.

Tomato plants are a great start as they are easy to look after. Another fun option is to add the end of a finished celery into a little bowl of water and watch it start to grow without any soil at all. Read up online to find out the best plants to grow at home, there are many great tutorials on YouTube where you need little to no equipment!


Cook fancy meals

Just because restaurants are closed doesn't mean you have to forfeit fancy meals. Let eat-and-run dinners be a thing of the past and rediscover the fun of taking your time over meals and eating together as a household. Cooking meals from scratch, and utilising your best recipe books or watching your favourite chef on an online tutorial, can turn you into Delia in no time.

Serve it up on your best tableware, adding candles and setting the table as if you were having guests for dinner can bring so much joy that you may prefer it more than going out!


Spring clean

Now is a great time to get rid of some of your clutter and do a deep clean. If you're going to be spending more time at home, it's definitely worth making home a place where you feel as calm and relaxed as possible.

Giving your house a good clean from top to bottom may not be the most enjoyable task, but it certainly feels good afterwards. Even updating spaces with a new cushion cover or blanket can feel like you have given the room a complete refresh.


Light candles

Scents and light can have a real effect on ambience and mood. Take time to pick your favourite candle scents that make you feel most relaxed and light them, even while you are still working or watching TV. The flickering light will calm you.

Why not try different senses in different rooms to remind you of reading or relaxing in the bath?

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