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5 Jan 2021 - 4 minutes

Plants, Food & Lifestyle: Master Veganuary For 2021

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Forget greed is good. Green is so much better. Like a calming squeeze of soap water, Veganuary clears the excesses of Christmas and New Year off our plate. And it’s great for the planet too. More people are realizing how 31 days of Vegan living helps us feel, think and act more consciously. This year, in just a few days, the official Veganuary site received over 500,000 signups.

Such pledges can easily grow into a habit. So, are you on board? Giving it a go for the first time, or trying to break your vegan record?

We’re here to spur you on. Reach the finish line and keep going with our delectable tips for vegan inspo, food orders and home living . . .

Local green grub

Not so long ago, the closest you’d come to vegan takeaway was a celery stick with hastily sprinkled salt, offered like a kind of peace rose by a bashful driver. Now, we’re almost spoilt for choice, even through lockdown. That means you can rest. Put down that potato peeler. Stop dreaming of avocado stones for one night. These local kitchens have you covered.

Wake up with maple syrup, fresh berries and French toast from Vertigo’s breakfast menu – they’re running deliveries from MediaCityUK and Cross Street. Those with a bigger appetite might try The Counter House, whose full vegan is hard to turn down: aubergine bacon, sourdough and scrambled tofu is just what you need on a chilled winter morning.

Get messy later with V-Rev, Manchester’s pioneering vegan diner known for their saucy tofu hot dog. Burgers, burritos, fries and sandwich stacks are for the taking as well. Or do you fancy an Indian? High Street’s Little Aladdin has joined Deliveroo, while street food mastermind Mowgli brings the Temple Dahl (lentil, cumin, lemon, coriander) and spiced chickpea Holy Chow right to your door.

Plants aplenty

You know the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” That’s fit for veganism as well. But we aren’t suggesting you roll around in the soil, dressed in a compost sack . . . It’s more about the environment you cultivate, filling your senses and perception with nature. This is healthy for us anyway. Just in the vegan battle, having plants at home does keep us on the straight, green and narrow. You’ll relish the aesthetic and feel more at peace.

We don’t have to look far for local lifestyle stockists. Tib Street’s Northern Flower is open for delivery or collection. Their extensive range, from thyme to terrariums, is very well-priced. Flourish, just around the corner, is another diverse intro [AT5] to the soothing properties of aloe vera, bonsais and devil’s ivy. They also have a store in Didsbury. Check out their plant care tips courtesy of the Royal Horticultural Society for extra shelf life.

If you have a little more cash to play with, we suggest The Plant Shop Manchester’s statement pieces such as the peperomia in a copper pot or the hairy fingers of hanging cacti. While browsing, take a moment to consider their eco-cleaning products: veganism is just the start of something much larger, where our conscience is a clean as our sideboards.

Influence to soak in

Every movement needs a few pin-ups. But as health crazes come and go, vegan influencers are more consistent. They embody a stylish, cruelty-free take on the dos and don’ts of diet, fashion and leisure time.

Gaz Oakley is a shining culinary example. The Welsh foodie has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans from his no-frills, behind-the-scenes glimpses at sustainable ingredients, and recipes such as thick vegan gravy. Elsewhere, Nishi Vora is worth a follow for her gut-busting desserts. And over on YouTube, you’ll glean some seasoned advice from Ellen Fisher, who’s been practising veganism for 14 years. Ever wondered how to shop for a medium-to-large family in for the long haul? She’s your best shot at genius.

Yet there’s a lot more to uncover than mealtime or fennel-picking tips. Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado shows just what’s possible with a plant-based regime, pumping us up with intense workouts. Then of course we have the sage words of Earthling Ed, a public speaker discussing topics like our agency in the food chain, animal behaviours and the unfounded feminisation of vegan men. There’s plenty to unpack as you stir that berry smoothie.

All of this should be enough to give you the green light. Good luck! By mastering veganism, you’ll find untold energy and reserves of self-control. Perfect to beat the lockdown blues – but way beyond it too .

Make another positive lifestyle change this year by taking one of our sought-after Manchester apartments. Just call or WhatsApp message us on 07376 047986. Wellbeing, after all, should follow us home, especially when home’s become our only playground.

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