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13 May 2020 - 3 minutes

Our top five house plants to brighten up any space

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Whether it is due to the Instagram generation's huge influence on the perfect aesthetic, or people wanting to benefit from the physical and mental health benefits, house plants are now a hallmark of modern living. Once just for gardening enthusiasts, you now hear people talking about their swiss cheese plant while paying for your shopping at Tesco.

Plants are just a perfect touch of colour and nature to bring into any home. We have rounded up five of the best, based on not only aesthetics but ease of maintenance for the new plant parents out there. Take a look below and choose your favourite:

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Spider Plants

There's a reason Spider Plants are one of the most common houseplants; they are nearly impossible to kill and incredibly easy to care for. You notice them for their green-edged white spiky leaves. What's even better is that spider plants reproduce on their own, so you'll soon have new plants to decorate with. We recommend planting them in a hanging basket.

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Aloe Vera

Thriving in dry, warm, sunny spaces, Aloe Vera is one of the hardiest of all house plants. Not only are they beautiful to look at, this succulent is also great for your skin! Cut a leaf and rub the cut end on dry or irritated skin for a healthy complexion. You can also blend the gel (the inner part of the flesh) into smoothies, juices or a salad dressing which will help digestion. Like most other succulents, Aloe Vera needs minimal water so it’s an easy addition to your plant family.

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Swiss Cheese Plant

Any keen Instagrammer will recognise this in an instant. Its lush green colouring and the namesake holes in the leaves make a stunning statement in a room. The Swiss Cheese plant official name is Monstera and its best kept away from direct sunlight in a warm dry place. They benefit from regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth so make sure you add it to your Saturday morning refresh. Monsteras also like climbing so provide it with some kind of stake or trellis

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One to avoid if you have animals or young children but the perfect plant for the forgetful is a Cacti! They need very little water and can be set in direct sunlight. So, if you're looking to keep a plant by the window or directly on the sill, a cacti is your guy. There are thousands of varieties to choose from so you can find the perfect match to suit your abode.

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The ZZ plant

Although Zamioculcas Zamiifoli sounds like a Harry Potter character, it is actually a beautiful green plant normally referred to as the ZZ plant. It is a tolerant plant and can adapt to just about any reasonable conditions.

It can be in the shade or sun and still keep going along fine you can even forget it water it for a few months, and it won't really come to much harm. It's beautiful feather-like leaves stay lush and green which create a super cool jungle vibe to whichever room you add it to.

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