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7 Sep 2020 - 3 minutes

Our top reasons why renting is better together!

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We were on a break! But don’t worry, we’re back and better than ever...or should that be better together? Many things in life are made better when you’re together with family, a significant other or friends. That’s why our next focus is all things Friends-related.

This is the one where we explore the ways that life is better together. Whether it’s going out for food, double-dating over drinks or simply having a cuppa waiting for you when you get home from work, sharing is definitely caring!

And it’s no different when it comes to renting. There are many of benefits of moving in with a friend or partner. From help with the cleaning to splitting bills, we look at the top four ways that renting is better together.

4 – The social aspect

Two friends holding PlayStation controllers playing FIFA

It’s an obvious one, but renting with a friend or partner means you’ll always have someone to socialise with! Often, things done spontaneously turn out better than those with plans.

Having your best mate in the room next door means you can go out on a whim, crack a can open together in front of the TV, or just simply having a roommate to rant to when you get home from a stressful day in the office. Having a friend to beat at FIFA, a mate to double-date with or a pal for canal-walks are all great reasons to rent together!

3 – Sharing chores

Someone holding a cleaning product with a neon hashtag and house plant

Chores! Most people find them a bore. Some find them relaxing. No matter how you find them, they need doing. Living with someone else means that you can share the workload and come up with a rota to do things fairly.

One of you might prefer to put the bins out. One of you might be a sucker for hoovering. One can clean the kitchen while the other braves the bathroom! Either way, sharing tasks is a great time-saver, so you’ll have more of it to do the things you enjoy!

2 – Sharing resources

Television screen showing TV apps such as Netflix, ITV Player, Prime Video and Vevo

When there are two of you living together, certain resources can be shared. Things like internet providers, entertainment account (Netflix, Amazon, PlayStation etc), a TV licence, appliances and food.

This makes things cheaper for both of you and means more money to spend on those shoes you saw the other day. Go on, treat yourself!

1 – Splitting the bills

A five pound note rolled up

And now we come to the number one and perhaps most obvious benefit of renting with a friend...splitting the bills! It may be the ‘coldest’ reason to share with a friend or partner, but at the end of the day, we all like to have a bit of extra cash to treat ourselves with after the bills have come out. Rent, council tax, electricity and water bills can all be split down the middle, in thirds or whichever way you think is fair.

For example, one of our stunning two-bedroom apartments available with Alliance City Living start at £1,100 pcm. If there were two of you, that’s only £550 per month, per person for a prime city-centre apartment. And if there are three of you, this would equate to £366 per month, per person.

If you’ve got a friend, partner or family member and are thinking of making the move together, visit our website today at for more information and to make an enquiry. Alternatively, you can call or WhatsApp message us on 07376047986.

And just is better together!

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