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16 Jul 2020 - 3 minutes

Our top interior design tips to bring your personality into your new space


There are no strict rules when it comes to interior design, but everyone can always do with a few hints and tips. There are so many ways you can bring your personality into your new home, from adding a pop of colour to some beautiful accessories.

We thought we'd share some of our top tips for making your space into your own unique sanctuary…


Light-filled windows

They are so many amazing things you can do with interior design to change the feel of any space but something that brings more life than anything else is natural light. Having large windows is not only a great source of Vitamin D, but with sunlight streaming into the rooms, you don't need to use lamps during the day.

The sun is a piece of art in itself with the lines and shapes the sunbeams create. Large windows also provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, which ultimately makes a room feel connected to the outside. Our park view rooms at Park Gate make you feel like you could touch the trees outside.


Pop of colour

The most important step when introducing colour into your home is making sure that you're selecting the shade that's right for both you and your space. Accessories are the key to easily adding colour to your home.

Opt for accessories in the same hue or a complementary shade and dot them around your room to ensure an even spread of colour. You don't want all of the interesting aspects of your room to be tucked away in one corner. Add a vibrant throw to a neutral colour sofa, put up a statement print on a white wall or add a bright vase to a plain shelf.



Create a dynamic interior design look by adorning your walls with beautiful art. Not only does art reflect your style and personality, it can also create a bit of drama to a room, or tell a specific story. Whether you choose an investment piece or buy your favourite print, put them in a frame and voila – a high end piece of design perfect for any room. Take a look at Vincent Van Doodle who have a wonderful collection of prints to choose from.



Introducing a couple of house plants to your home will add texture, colour and interest whilst filtering the air that you breathe. Start off by choosing plants that are easy to maintain and don't need daily watering, such as ivy or succulents. Once you're convinced that you can keep your plants alive, you will find yourself curating an urban jungle that sprawls around your entire home.

Place plants on shelves, kitchen tops, window sills and sideboards, either on their own or styled with other objects to create small displays. Dependent on your decor, opt to keep your plants in terracotta pots with draining trays, or pop them into a selection of stylish ceramic, porcelain or concrete containers. Want to find the perfect plant to fit your space? Take a look at our house plant guide here.



It's amazing the difference a few new cushions and throws can make to brighten up any space. Bring your favourite colour scheme by swapping your cushions and introducing a new hue to your room. Whether you opt for neutrals, brights or prints, your room will instantly feel fresh. Don't just think about cushions – throws, blankets and sheepskins (in winter) can add instantly add your personality to your apartment! Amelia Home Store has an amazing array of cushions to choose from – take a look at their store from some serious interior inspiration.

Our beautiful Park Gate apartments all come with large windows which fill the spaces with natural light. You can also choose if you would like your space furnished or unfurnished so you can add your favourite accessories or your welcome to bring your own collection of furniture. As always, our team are here to help find your perfect match – get in touch below to discover more.

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