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13 Jul 2021 - 2 minutes

Tips To Set Your BBQ Skills On Fire

It wouldn’t be summer without a BBQ – an essential part of summer city living. There’s nothing better than firing up the WhatsApp group chat and heading out with your mates and a disposable cookout in hand.

Our apartments are close enough to Birmingham city centre for more connections to green pastures. Next time you and your mates take a day trip, why not bring a BBQ too?

Avoid burnt bangers and cremated burgers… We’re here to talk technique with our top tips to make you the ultimate BBQ boss. What to cook and how to cook it – it’s time to up your grilling game.

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Find the BBQ that’s right for YOU

It’s not just the rain that can ruin a BBQ. Different meats need to be cooked in different ways – so make sure you pick the right method. If you’re using a disposable BBQ, then stick to thin cuts like steaks, burgers or haloumi. That way, you’ll make sure the meat gets cooked all the way through without getting burnt. Anything thicker, like a chicken drumstick, will need to be cooked slower off the direct heat in a kettle-style BBQ.

Marinades to savour

Sometimes all you need is a bit of salt and pepper to season a stunning steak – but there are loads of flavours you can add to meats and vegetables. Lemon, garlic and herbs go brilliantly with chicken and fish, whilst chilli and paprika give a welcomed kick to haloumi and vegetables.

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Keep it safe!

No one wants to be responsible for wiping out the whole squad with a bout of food poisoning! So, make sure you keep all your meat in the fridge or a well-chilled cool box. Don’t just guess if a piece of meat is cooked – a meat thermometer will tell you exactly when you’ve reached juicy perfection. You can pick one up for under a tenner and we guarantee it’ll leave a (grill) mark on your cooking.

Perfect puds

Looking for a quick and easy pudding to end your meal? Wrap bananas in tin foil with a few chocolate buttons and a splash of your favourite tipple, and throw them onto the dying embers of the coals. Or why not toast big marshmallows and sandwich them between a pair of biscuits for some very moreish s’mores!

Summer city living never tasted so good! Out luxury suburban apartments can help prep a beautiful BBQ or welcome you back from a puff of smoke. Contact our team to arrange a viewing.

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