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20 Jul 2020 - 3 minutes

We're downloading Summer to your doorstep

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We pushed the download button on summer, and our loading bar is creeping up to 100%! We’ve got the sun to shine, the food to feast on and the fizz to flow! Because of you-know-what, holidaying abroad this year has become a bit of a pain in the backside. But even if everything was ‘normal,’ why would you want to go abroad when we’ve got everything right here on our very doorstep!? As the famous saying goes…’Manchester has everything except a beach,’ and it’s true!

We believe Manchester has everything you could possibly want from a holiday experience so, all throughout summer, we’re going to be showing you the very best ways of getting that stepping-of-the-plane feeling and bringing your ‘Summer In The City’ to life!

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Manchester is a city steeped in rich industrial heritage and is well known for its musical exports, sporting icons and inclusive culture! So much so that, in 2013, it was revealed to be the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe, with over 200 languages spoken in the city. Beat that Barcelona! We’ll spend the next few weeks travelling within our fascinating city, uncovering those all-important locals’ hints and tips that bring Manchester to life in a whole new light.

Holidays are all about good company, al fresco dining, cocktails and exploration. Here in Manchester, we have it all! With lockdown restrictions being lifted, we are able to meet our mates for mimosas again, and why not do it at some of Manchester’s most marvellous bars? Seating is spilling out onto the streets as social-distancing still remains in place, but this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a pint in the sun! Even before lockdown, Manchester already had some of the best outdoor drinks and dining experiences in the country - with numerous rooftop bars and cocktail courtyards.

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Because Manchester is such a culturally diverse city, it’s not difficult to get a taste of any destination in the world - right on your doorstep! Throughout our campaign, we’ll be ‘jetting off’ to four destinations, starting with Ibiza before moving on to Paris, Venice and finishing in New York. Replace ‘jetting off,’ with simply stepping out of your front door, traversing a tram or taking a taxi and you’re right here with us! With a top-class transport system, travelling to and around the city is easy-peasy lemon-in your-cocktail squeezy!

Throughout our time ‘in’ each destination, we’ll be highlighting all the ways you can live and breathe that experience right here in the very heart of our city! From wandering peaceful canals to sipping cocktails in the coolest rooftop bars; exploring historic architecture to enjoying the coolest music - We want to show you that there’s no need for the nine-hour flights, Manchester has it all! From showcasing some of our very best bars and restaurants, to holding special live events, we’re going to live Manchester like we’ve never lived it before!

So, fasten your seatbelts as we prepare to land in our first stay-cation destination, and get ready for a Summer in the City…our city.

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