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10 Jul 2020 - 3 minutes

What makes life in the city so good?

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We live in an interesting time. Until the last 15 years, the majority of people had lived rural lifestyles for the whole of human history. Now? The opposite. More people live in cities than not for the first time ever.

But what makes them so good. Aside from the better job opportunities, living in a city is simply convenient and a lot of fun. Here are some of our favourite things about the city life…


Cities are where culture and diversity live

Now, that’s not to say that you can only find culture in cities, but it’s not a coincidence that the vast majority of museums, galleries, theatres, concert venues and cinemas are found in cities. Living in a big place means that you’ll never be far away from something interesting and valuable.

Of course, it’s not just the quantity of culture that makes cities so special, it’s the variety and quality of it too. People from all over the world, rom all backgrounds, mixing together tends to create some rather special results.

Take Manchester as an example; you can see renaissance masterpieces at Manchester Art Gallery; then head to the People’s History Museum to learn about the global struggle for human rights; from there it’s a short trip to the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art where you can see works from the other side of the world; after that you can head to Hope Mill or HOME in the evening to see an avant garde play at the cutting edge of global theatre.

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All the bars, restaurants and shops

Seriously, city centres have everything you could ask for. Everything. Whatever cuisine you fancy, whatever your favourite cocktail is, whatever kind of pub you prefer, whatever you want to buy – living in a city means that you’re never far away from it.

It’s the sort of luxury that is unthinkable if you lived anywhere else, but for us city-dwellers getting pancakes in the morning, ramen in the afternoon and tacos in the evening is par for the course.

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You don’t need a car

If you live in the city centre, the chances are that work, the shops, the nightlife and everything else is within easy walking or cycling distance. Why bother paying for an expensive car?

And what’s more, this means you can get some serious health benefits at the same time as helping the environment. Cities where people walk and cycle a lot tend to be happier, healthier places, and it is estimated that just 30 minutes of walking or biking a day can have outsized benefits for your mental and physical health – much better than sitting in a car!

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You can get anywhere

And finally, if you want to escape the city for the weekend, living in one means that you can get absolutely anywhere you want without any hassle.

Take Manchester as an example. If you live in AXIS you are next to both a Metrolink tram station and a mainline railway station. These give you convenient access to Manchester Piccadilly Station and Manchester Airport – between those two, that’s the rest of the UK and the whole world on your doorstep.

All of that is why we love living in the city – want to join us? Get in touch below today and find out more about our stunning homes.

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