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27 Oct 2020 - 5 minutes

Where to fill up on the most delicious vegan dishes in Manchester!

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Between 2014 and 2019, the amount of people going vegan in the UK quadrupled from roughly 150,000 to 600,000. With such an upsurge, it is only natural that there this has been reflected in the number of new restaurants and cafés that cater for a vegan lifestyle.

Here in Manchester, there are many restaurants and eateries where the menu is either entirely plant-based, or has a great choice for those who are increasingly turning to meat and dairy-free foods. But don’t let ‘plant-based’ fool you. Burgers oozing with ‘cheese’, ‘chicken’ smothered in garlic sauce and even döner kebabs feature in our list of some of the best places for vegan food in the city.


With locations in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, Bundobust was born from a collaboration between two Bradford-based award-winning establishments, Prashnad (a finalist on Gordon Ramsay’s “Best Restaurants” in 2010) and The Sparrow Bier Café, voted one of “The Top 10 UK Craft Beers Bars” by The Guardian in 2013.

With such a great collaboration, the food and drink on offer is, naturally, outstanding. An amazing mix of vegetarian and vegan dishes make up the Indian-inspired menu. The Manchester restaurant can be found on the corner of Piccadilly Gardens at the end of Portland Street. To find out more, head on over to their website.

A selection of small vegan dishes at Bundobust restaurant in Manchester

V-Rev Manchester

V-Revs is an unmissable destination for lovers of great quality ‘junk food.’ It feels wrong describing it as such, because the offerings at V-Revs are anything but ‘junk.’

Burgers and ‘chicken’ take centre-stage at this Norther Quarter diner, smothered in ‘cheez’ sauce and strips of authentic, salty ‘baecon.’ A variety of drinks and shakes are available to accompany these delicious dishes. For those feeling a little more adventurous, try the ‘Donut Have a Cow, Man!’ – Seitan fried chicken or beef patty with cheddar, baecon, BBQ sauce and fried onion between two donuts.

To see what else is on offer at V-Revs, check them out online.

Fried 'chick'n' smothered in sauce and chives with a macaroni cheese burger and a side of loaded fries at V-Revs vegan restaurant in Manchester

Fuel Café Bar

This friendly café bar can be found on Wilmslow Road in Withington, a thriving suburb south of the city centre popular with students. At Fuel, you can fuel up on fresh, hearty vegetarian and vegan food with a selection of carefully chosen booze, coffees, cakes and shakes.

Before COVID-19 restrictions, Fuel was also a great place to enjoy live music, catering for all tastes and genres.

Head on over to their Facebook page for regular updates.

A selection of vegan and vegetarian cakes at Fuel cafe bar in Manchester

The Allotment Vegan Eatery

Situated on Lloyd Street just off Albert Square, The Allotment Vegan Eatery create vegan and gluten-free food like you’ve never tasted before. Fresh, engaging and locally sourced, The Allotment’s menus are updated frequently to reflect the best of the season’s harvest using sustainable growers wherever possible.

Visit their website to book a table and check out the current menu.

A series of dishes including cauliflower wings, olives and a salad at Allotment vegan restaurant in Manchester

The Pasta Factory

At the core of Pasta Factory is, you guessed it, fresh, homemade pasta. Made with just two elements, durum wheat and water, these simple ingredients form the base of some of the best dishes in the world.

Pasta Factory’s menu features a great amount of vegan options. Take the Tagliatelle Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino for example – filled pasta with mushrooms, cashews, truffle and parsley. Or perhaps the Molle Al Carbone Con Crema Di Aglio Nero – short charcoal pasta with aged black garlic cream, confit tomatoes, almonds and shredded red pepper. Are you hungry yet?

The Pasta Factory can be found on the edge of Northern Quarter, and you can make a reservation, check them out online.

Pasta with a pesto sauce and a bowl of bread with two glasses of wine at Pasta Factory in Manchester


“Sanskruti” means ‘tradition and culture’ and comes from the word ‘Sanskrit,’ believed to be the world’s oldest language, originating in India. Sanskruti believes nothing represents India more than its classical cuisine and vibrant culture, which is expressed in each of its dishes.

As a pure vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Sanskruti leaves no room for mistakes in the preparation of its dishes and only uses the freshest of ingredients.

Head to their website to have a look at the menu and book a table.

A selection of vegan curries, rice and naan breads at Sanskruti restaurant in Manchester

Dishoom Manchester

Another establishment where Indian food is the focus, Dishoom opened in the multi-million-pound redevelopment of the Grade II-listed Manchester Hall and is inspired by Bombay’s old Irani cafés.

Dishoom has a dedicated and extensive vegan menu, with brunch and breakfast options all the way through to lunch and later. Take the Vegan Sausage Naan Roll, for example – freshly baked naan with vegan cheese and chilli tomato jam, wrapped around delicious sausages.

Find out what else is on offer right here!

A full English breakfast vegan alternative at Dishoom in Manchester

Döner Summer

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat your heart out, Döner Summer has the hot stuff for you! As its name suggests, Döner Summer is the place to go for a healthier, vegan alternative to the favourite post-night-out fast food.

Its signature trays are packed full of its own-recipe seitan doner, loaded with pickled cabbage, lettuce, peppers, shredded carrot, cucumber, tomato, chillies and pink garlic aioli making them a real feast for the eyes as well as tasting amazing. Along with traditional döner, the menu offers chick’n shawarma, tandoori spiced shawarma, and a variety of fried ‘chick’n.’

So instead of waiting for some lover to call, head to YES on Charles Street and get your fill of Döner Summer this Autumn. More information can be found on their website.

One of Döner Summer's classic vegan kebabs with chillies, spring onion and pink garlic aioli

Manchester Vegan Café

Situated on the ground floor of Affleck’s, Manchester Vegan Café serve a mixture of fresh salads, falafel, daal and rice, full English breakfast and cakes to go with a hot cup of coffee, perfect for a cool Autumn morning.

Manchester Vegan Café also serve a great selection of smoothies, from classic strawberry to something greener with broccoli, spinach, celery, banana and pineapple. Check them out online to see what other shakes and food are available to order.

A delicious looking dish from Manchester Vegan Cafe


Found on Cross Street, Vertigo offers up plant-based goodness from breakfast through to dinner. Full of cute tables, plush chairs and lush foliage, Vertigo is the perfect place for those seeking a hearty vegan meal in Manchester.

Vertigo also have an excellent selection of vegan wines and beers to accompany their mix of great dishes. Visit their website to order for delivery, pick-up or to book a table.

A curry dish and burger with two glasses of wine at Vertigo vegan restaurant in Manchester
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