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21 Apr 2020 - 2 minutes

Worker Bee Tea & Coffee: A local success story

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Manchester is home to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from international giants to one-man-bands at the start of their business journey. The beauty of the city is that all of these businesses coexist and benefit each other – creating a vibrant economy and culture for the people of Manchester.

One of the most interesting recent success stories from the city is Worker Bee Tea & Coffee. Read on for the whole story…

The worker bee

The name of the company – Worker Bee – is the first clue that this tea and coffee company is Manchester through and through. While the symbol has become ubiquitous in recent years, it has a much longer history in the city.

Acting as Manchester’s symbol for more than 150 years, the worker bee symbolises the city’s work ethic and how the city is a hive of activity – a legacy that dates back to the Industrial Revolution. These are old values in Manchester which are still going strong today.

The emblem can be seen all over Manchester, including on the city’s coat of arms at the Town Hall, and all over the Manchester Art Gallery where bees are kept on the roof and produce honey which is sold in the gallery shop.

Tea and coffee

Of course, one of the most interesting uses of the symbol comes courtesy of Worker Bee Tea & Coffee which specialises in producing carefully selected teas, coffees which you can have delivered straight to your door.

Worker Bee sells a variety of coffees including:

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Certified Organic
  • Shade Grown
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Single Origin
  • Blends including 100% Arabicas and 60/40 Arabica/Robusta

As well as providing a fantastic range of products, Worker Bee Tea & Coffee also goes to great lengths to ensure that what it sells is ethical and sustainable.

According to the company website: “Our tea is supplied in recyclable and bio-degradable packaging. We use local suppliers where commercially viable. Worker Bee supports the local community, small businesses and charities. Our customers have helped raise over £15,000 for charities including Forever Manchester and The Christie.”

The issue of sustainability is particularly important in the world of coffee. In the midst of a climate emergency, and with ongoing biodiversity losses around the world, it can be a shock to discover that an every day item like coffee is one of the most at risk industries. Without proper, fair production methods, coffee will not last the course – luckily, Worker Bee Tea & Coffee is doing its part, making it an essential ethical purchase for any coffee enthusiasts in the city.

If you live in one of our Manchester buildings you will have received some Worker Bee tea with your move-in pack, but if you would like to find out more, click here to visit their website >>

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